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I wouldn’t say I am an entrepreneur. Others might, but I just run a small business, nothing fancy!

They say that business is just solving problems, for others (you get paid) and for yourself( to stay in business).

That might be true

There aren’t many resources to really help you when you’re running your own business.

Here’s a couple of practical things you might find useful:


This is like a crystal ball, it will help you see into the future.

Here is a basic cashflow forecast in Excel – fill in your start balance, then your known  monthly outgoings and incoming, and you can see into your financial future!

Check it every week and adjust!


A good way to examine any problem or thing and help you make the right decision about it.

Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats. Log them in this matrix and it will help you define both problems and solutions.


a useful way to examine the external environment you are operating in. This tool helps you look at Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal and Ecological factors.


Defining goals is important. Success equals goals; all else is commentary.

Once you set goals your conscious as well as your subconscious mind works on your behalf to help you get to your goals.

There are 2 factsheets which will help you focus on your strategy.

Then a large part of getting the jobs and contracts you need to survive and grow is Marketing


  • You can only market effectively if you know WHO your ideal client is and WHAT PROBLEM you solve for them.
  • It is easier to keep doing business with existing clients than to keep going out to get new ones.
  • If you’re good enough at what you do then your existing clients will refer new people to you… you can event ask them or incentivise them to do this.
  • If you want to get new clients this is called lead generation.
Here’s what marketing I did that worked pretty well.
I wrote a short informative report and put it on the internet as a lead generation “magnet”. It worked great in building a list of prospective clients and I got new business from it.
Then I started mailing my existing customers regularly and offered them things to do (that were part of our expertise) and I gave them offers. They increased their business with us.


is also important. We have a factsheet to explain more and provide you with a framework.

Obviously there’s a lot to this Marketing stuff but if I can leave you with one thing I would recommend you to do… Give your business a strong USP.

Unique Selling Proposition

why would someone do business with you instead of anyone else, or instead of not doing anything. Here’s a fill in the blank USP generator:

Company name, helps customer types to solve this problem/do this thing by what YOU do – even if fear/preconception

Go on – try it:

___________, helps ______________ to ________________ by _____________ – even if ______________

If this website had a USP it would be…

Sign Media Enterprise helps deaf entrepreneurs and small business owners to start and grow their business by providing a sign language glossary and resources in multiple languages – even if you know nothing abut running a business yet…

OK! I hope this page and the files are useful to you – good luck!

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